Oktoberfest 2018 cat German beer shirt

Oktoberfest 2018 cat German beer shirt

Caller twenty-three years ago when I registered to vote I registered as an Oktoberfest 2018 cat German beer shirt democrat most of my family was and I stumbled on the Rush Limbaugh show on tv on cable and I was hooked. The answer to why is eminently simple judge kavenaugh was nominated this has gone on weeks longer than the average confirmation process he’s eminently qualified. In an interview with the new york times Fallon unambiguously admits what the brett kavanaugh destruction project is part of a high stakes two-step strategy to thwart trump via a former aide to mitch mcconnell headline democratic operative admits derailing Kavanaugh is really about saving the supreme court from trump it’s making sure that trump don’t get to confirm any of his nominees to the supreme court

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The specific translation for falsus in no falsus in omnibus means somebody who would lie about his military service will lie about anything that’s how we seek to define it here. Jul an Oktoberfest 2018 cat German beer shirt stick is 55 years old that makes her 18 to 19 years old from 1981 to 1982 so she is admitting to being 18 into 19 you’re no longer in high school unless they’ve kept you back a year I don’t think that’s the case here so she’s admitting semi adulthood status at 10 parties where minors were drinking adult beverages and being gang raped but she didn’t tell anybody stick graduated high school in 1980. I simply refuse to believe that a majority of our population has and is governed by psychological disorders that psychological disorders determine their politics I refuse to believe that not a majority

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Currently brian fallon is the executive director of something called we demand justice it is an Oktoberfest 2018 cat German beer shirt front group for another liberal big money group called the democracy alliance he tweeted if senate gop ignores dr blase ford and tries to muscle an attempted rapist onto the supreme court 1 they will pay dearly this november 2 senators up in 2020 collins gardner et al will feel intense heat for next two years 3 Kavanaugh will not serve for life that is a veiled threat he didn’t add any clarification he will not serve for life what’s a reasonable person’s initial reaction to that. So I have withheld what have been fears all day long about flake the minute I got here and found out this vote was gonna take four hours will have four hours of debate prior to it instead of happening at 9 30 and knowing that flake is leaving this is his last term in office knowing that flake at the end of the day still does not like Donald Trump at all kavanaugh is a trump nominee the Democrats are now working hard to change him. Said if grassley waits long enough the Democrats will come up with a woman claiming to be kavanaugh’s secret Russian wife that trump paid kavanaugh’s second wife to hire a bunch of prostitutes and urinate on the bed Obama slept in when he was in moscow

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