The Higgs Spaceman T-Shirt

The Higgs Spaceman T Shirt

Try educating the parents and using the money to support them instead. Me, and many other parents, know what a balanced diet is, and the nutritional content of food, even on a budget, but it’s amazing how many don’t know about the sugar/fat content in some foods. No only parents can moderate a child’s weight and banning adverts is a The Higgs Spaceman T-Shirt short sighted response.

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Overfeeding a The Higgs Spaceman T-Shirt with crap food is a form of neglect it’s a matter for social services not the advertisers. A lot of kids now stay in computer gaming/watching tv/social networking. Less time is now spent on sports in schools as teachers now have to hit academical targets.

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When I was a kid we had sweets and fatty foods and yet most of us weren’t fat.  Perhaps if there were more groups after school/weekends where kids could participate in sport and exercise and parents stopped taking their kids everywhere in cars and ceased mollycoddling them perhaps the problem would sort itself out. Ban bulking agents in processed foods. Get rid of chemicals in tap water for a The Higgs Spaceman T-Shirt.


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