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I think he need to elaborate and make everybody to see if way out will come, I believe and I have big more faith that things can turn out for good for me with this my memo. I’ve been short of many opportunities from my age one and in my academic I can not be found but with a lot of tears I hold to my faith with our creator and I pray to be strong and even what I’m typing now is hard to comprehend but his Special Spice Girl Shirt is sufficient and yet I said I will not give up.

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Yes we talking about building a better place and yes I want my world as a better place, I want to be part of impact to this generation and like this I can not do it, I can not make it to the light. Now I come to this gathering as the gathering that’s about to make the world a better place, please look down here and help my world as a symbol of a better Special Spice Girl Shirt.

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Let me have the privilege to stand in front of all the whole world as a living testimony of a better place. God first and his people takes as live witness to make everything he created a living being. I hope the Special Spice Girl Shirt.  I applaud what you are doing now with these leaders, learning from them as they will with you. We miss you and your loving family so much. The intelligence, wit, smile and decency you showed us.

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