Totally Rad Shirt

Totally Rad Shirt

The World needs immediate changes we can not live on the same planet between brothers and not respecting the space of each one, you had a spectacular management in the Totally Rad Shirt, now Donald Tramp seems a bit desirous and without control of his emotions passing sometimes a huge insecurity for people all over the world. Strong hug and stay with God. My brother in law was a big brother to a young boy for many years!

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He lost track of him when he moved out of state but he looked my brother in law up a few years ago after being apart for about 20 years and it was like they were never separated! Mentoring a young person is the very best thing you can do with and for your life. It feels like this country has moved backward since this amazing president left. I will not live long enough to see another like Obama. Your Totally Rad Shirt, dignity and love of your fellow man is so greatly missed in our country today. Love and prayers to you , Michelle and you beautiful daughters.

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Another way the Obama legacy will live on. Thanks for taking care of our future both while you were in the White House and now. You are a role model for all young people. Your wife brought class to the White House and sensible programs to help our youth.  These Totally Rad Shirt men need this help. Sometimes it very little that determines if a young man moves forward with a rewarding and productive life or backs into the low side of life.

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