Wakanda Black Coffee Shirt

Wakanda Black Coffee Shirt

Now that Hillary fans have turned on you, you see what President Trumps supporters are going through. They really think Beyoncé should have won. This is what they do….but those people aren’t the ones buying your music. The hard working, tax paying Americans are! As reading this Wakanda Black Coffee Shirt, I am sure that you will have a good word choice to have a better skill in writing that is a part in your success in writing.  This aim of the research is to find out some common errors in word choice of English majors at Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh city. It includes three chapters like Introduction, Literature Review and Methodology.

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Learning word choice plays an important role in writing, when you have a good word choice, it is sure that you will have a good Wakanda Black Coffee Shirt. Using clear words that can help you to be easy to keep your audience’s attention in your writing. On the other hand, it is simple for you to express your meaning to readers and they do not have a misunderstanding in the context.

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In the first chapter, I show the reasons and the importance of learning word choice in writing skill. The second one is Literature Review that consists of two definitions of writing skill and word choice, learning and teaching word choice, some common errors in word choice and the last point is to find ways to improve word choice. The last one is Methodology, I use questionnaire method to serve my Wakanda Black Coffee Shirt. 15 to 20 specific questions are prepared to collect the data from more than 100 English majors at IUH.

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