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My favorite teacher was Mr. Dunkum, a physics teacher. I sat in the front row. He would ask us questions. Fortunately, I didn’t see who was raising his hands for what. And yes this only girl did more than a few times be the only one with the correct answer and explaination. I would tell him I didn’t the electron theory was right, haven’t proved it yet either. We would have great Yorkie Mom Shirt.

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He instilled confindence in me. Later he went on to be Dr. Dunkum and head of all science for the school district. Truth is my teacher!! I try to thank Sat Guru with my Yorkie Mom Shirt entire heart for all the realisations it has taught me and the amazing wonders done by him!! My absolute thanks to the absolute truth!! Without with anything and everything ceases to even exist!  You remember two kinds of teachers, from your childhood.

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The one who was caring and the Yorkie Mom Shirt which was particularly mean to you. I had one call me stupid, in front of the entire class. Thank for sharing this part or your earlier years and the reason on of what was your inspiration to become a philanthropist. The school is the farms that drive and motivate most of the future citizens, it will depend a lot on the schools in the formation and motivation for the future of the world.

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